Meet the winners of the „Binance OffTheCharts“ celebration

Yesterday, the world’s largest exchange, Binance, was having a birthday, celebrating 3 years of service. For this reason, they held an online conference, bringing together experts from around the world to share about cryptology issues. In addition, during the OffTheCharts event, the organizers presented awards in honor of people they believe impacted the world.

Binance is the exchange we needed
Binance winners during the OffTheCharts conference
As we have seen, Binance’s goal has always been to make an impact on the world through cryptomontages. For this reason it decided to become the most powerful and far-reaching exchange in the world. However, that is not enough in their eyes, so they designed multiple campaigns and platforms to continue growing and fulfill their ideal. Among the clearest examples that can be named, is Binance Academy, or the multiple donations to fight against the Covid-19.

Although Binance has a global reach, reaching all parts of the world. From America, including the Latin community, through Europe and touching Africa, to Asia. With all this power, the exchange recognizes that it cannot accomplish its goal alone. For this reason, during the OffTheCharts conference, Binance presented awards to the winners who have helped the community.

The Blockchain is vital to fight the Coronavirus

Influencers around the world
Beginning with the awards ceremony, we gathered the winners that Binance considered as the biggest influencers in the world and in each region. Considering from the scope they have, to how much they have impacted people.

Starting from Asia-Pacific, we met Aditya Singh (@CryptooIndia). He is a YouTuber from India dedicated to explaining the world of crypto currency, from the basics, to financial issues.

It is for this reason that The News Spy decided to give him the prize as the greatest influence in the Asian region, since he seeks to expand the knowledge of crypto beyond „do you want to get rich with Bitcoin? His goal is to lay the foundations of a market with the potential to help the millions of unbanked people in the territory.